About us

We are the young company established in 2008 and working in landscape, outdoors infrastructure and sports facilities design and construction field, in Lithuania and Eastern Europe. Our vision - is working together with nature, to make our environment more convenient and cozy. Our goal - to offer client highest quality services, to keep optimal balance between price and quality always having in mind clients interests and to make profit. We always trying to give to client whole project implementation vision, from idea till final product, explain him work process and after agreement, perform all these works. Our aim is to offer client all services from one source, when he's deciding to implement landscaping project, starting from design and permissions and finalizing with legal authorization for usage. We also selling materials and equipment that is needed to maintain, service and to make your environment nicer and better - it is turf and municipal equipment and irrigation systems, fountains and other water features, outdoors water cranes, golf cars and other equipment, LED outdoor lighting.